Research & Consulting

Basic Info

We can help you answer questions you may have about why things are the way they are We provide Research Support and help you make sure the data you are collecting is meaningful and accurate. Our team can build an end to end insight solution or even just take a quick look into a subject, we fit our research to your needs

What We Are Working On

Small And Medium Sized Streamers Study:

One of our current projects takes a look at community oriented, full time streamers who aren’t in the super-massive instantly recognizable category. We are hoping to learn more about this segment of streamers, their needs, and how sponsors can sustainably interact with the tight knit communities around these streamers.

Studies We Want to Fund

Black in Gaming:

This proposed study is a first step in a larger initiative to focus on black voices and experiences in the gaming community. The overall goal of the study is helping companies and businesses involved in the space understand black communities in the gaming world and thus better adopt policies to support and foster growth within those communities. To learn more and get a copy of our pitch deck click here (link to black in gaming page with download links for deck and prospectus)

Check out our Black in Gaming Esports study

Things We Are Thinking About


We think a lot about the gaming community, the industry and the changes constantly happening in this very dynamic industry. Here are a few things we have started thinking about, if any of these seem interesting to you, or you have found yourself asking the same questions we would love to answer them for you, reach out and contact us!

What makes an esports title?

Games come and go, but some succeed as long lasting esports, others stick around for a bit then fall off. Are there specific things about a game, its community, or the competitive scene around it that make a title good as an esport? Is it actually possible to make the next big esports title or is it predicated on luck and community involvement? We want to analyze the games that have succeeded, understand the grassroots communities that have made new games popular and get a closer look at what makes a title succeed as an esport.

Mobile Gaming

With the advent of platforms like Bluestacks for emulating mobile titles on PC, the massive success of gacha games, and the impact of titles like Fortnite and PUBG mobile on esports. People are clearly playing mobile games but there is still some community wide stigma in gaming against them, why? What is changing? What draws people to mobile titles and how can they be better integrated into wider conversations about gaming?