Event Logistics

Work with our team to find the least expensive and most effective ways to get the gear you need, when you need it. RTS is a certified shipping broker, meaning we work directly with each shipper to provide the lowest estimate possible.

When onsite, our experts are well equipped to handle the setup, storage, and break down.

We have the relationships and skillset to solve logistical problems both on and off-site.


Our staff is carefully picked to ensure quality. Real Time Strategies is connected with gaming experts of every game genre. Our network of volunteers and staff is the best in the business.

Experience finding & uniting teams of hundreds, for major festivals across 3 continents.

Our passion for gaming extends beyond our staff. We have a committed network of volunteers all over the planet. Our communities thrive and have even set up a series of gaming events to benefit charity and raise awareness.

Technical Support

Technical Support

We staff career software developers, network technologists, IT professionals, Data Center managers, and CEOs. Our staff is often over qualified.

Whether the problem is getting around exorbitant convention internet prices for your small booth, to expertly routing and partitioning 10GB of internet for an esports festival, to using 50MB for a gaming area that would usually need 250MB with our network magic, to writing customer software on the fly to snoop game data to automate a broadcast, our staff can solve any issue.

Merch and branding

Merchandising & Branding Opportunities

RTS will exceed all your branding and merchandising expectations. Our suppliers and network of top vendors can produce virtually any premium item you want to evoke positive brand affinity.

Our logistics experts ship and handle all merchandise in the most cost and time-effective manner.

We have the graphic design capabilities to bring your ideas to life in the most authentic way possible.

Booth Builds & Sponsorships

RTS is capable of handling any small or large-scale activation. From concept design to the consumer journey, our experts take every measure to ensure the most authentic and entertaining experience.

Convention Planning & Execution

Our staff is acutely aware of what needs to be in place for a gaming tournament/convention when compared to other types of shows and exhibitions.

Gaming expos and conventions are very different from your traditional convention. We are equipped to handle multiple tournaments simultaneously.

We will work with you every step of the way to bring your event to life in the most articulate and professional way.

Travel & Hospitality

From booking flights and hotel blocks to catering and post-event receptions, RTS can manage any hotel block size for your next event.

Our team works directly with hotel managers and airlines to create the most cost-effective and preference-based travel itineraries for staff and influencers.

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